Surprise your loved ones with heart-shaped instant videos—for a limited time only!

Say "I Love You" with Viber
Say “I Love You” with Viber

Viber is giving you more ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. From February 11 to 15, users can send heart-shaped instant video messages to friends, family, and significant others within the app.

Kilig Messages

Find a new way to surprise your loved ones with this adorable, limited-edition feature. Great for family Valentine’s greetings or kilig messages to your special someone, Viber’s heart-shaped videos are perfect for expressing all your feelings this season of love.

To send these cute little videos, simply hold the instant video icon and release when you’re done recording. This exciting new feature comes in direct response to Viber users’ clear preference for fun, personalized ways to communicate, with many using stickers, GIFs, and “Shouts,” or colored-background chat messages.

Connecting Emotionally

“In 2018 alone, users globally sent over 6 billion love-related stickers and GIFs combined to express their love, heart, and emotions to those they wanted to share it with,” says Ofir Eyal, COO of Viber. “With Viber, connecting now goes beyond touching base online. It means connecting emotionally to those you love and think about most, and by using our special heart-shaped instant videos this Valentine’s Day, users can make a lasting impression from anywhere in the world.”

Secure Messaging

And since Viber is the most secure messaging app out there, you can be sure that your messages will not be viewed by any third parties. You can even self-destruct your notes when you want to, giving you full control over your communications.

Say “I Love You” with Viber

The heart-shaped instant video feature is part of the latest Viber 10 update, which also includes a new design and faster-messaging capabilities than ever before. Have a great Valentine’s season with Viber!

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