Your favorite messaging app rolls out new instant in-chat translation feature

Viber Launches Instant In-chat Translation Feature
Viber Launches Instant In-chat Translation Feature

Viber allows you to chat with friends from pretty much anywhere in the world, and in almost any language. But how can you understand when they write in a different language to your own?

Viber’s in-chat translation feature is here to change that — the messaging app’s latest upgrade can instantly translate text conversations between people using different languages.

Back in the day, when you received a message in a language you don’t understand, you would need to copy it, open a translation app or service, paste the message, read the translation, and then go back to the chat to reply. It’s simply too many steps that take too long! Now, you can translate messages in almost any language in real-time so that you can chat with friends from around the world or follow Communities from any country.

Powered by Google Translate, the in-chat translation feature automatically interprets messages into the language your Viber app is set to. If you see a message in another language, all you need to do is long tap on the message, choose Translate, and instantly the translation will appear right below the original message.

If you want to see the message in another language, you can easily change it from the message. Long tap on the message, tap on Language, choose the language you are looking for, and tap done. Change the translation language like this at any time, or change it in your settings to change the default translation language.

With Viber’s new in-chat translation feature on board, users can now join any Community or follow any Public Chat across different languages. For instance, if you’re an FC Barcelona fan in the Philippines, you can join the FC Barcelona official chat or fan community and understand the conversation in Filipino or English.

Build connections and make friends with people around the world without language barriers through Viber’s in-chat translation feature, available globally for Viber users on Android running the latest Viber version in the Play Store and coming soon to iPhone users.

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