“Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional, and forgiving.”

As a parent, you stop making decisions for yourself, and you start putting your baby’s well-being as your top priority. It is the most rewarding and fulfilling job, yet the most challenging one as well. 

One of every parent’s greatest fears is his or her baby to get sick. 

When you see their cheeks flushed, feel their forehead heating up, or hear them cry non-stop, our instinct tells us to pick up a thermometer and to check our baby’s temperature. But then your little angel gets uneasy when you use your oral, ear, or rectal thermometer, which puts you in a pickle. Every parent needs help, every parent needs a partner that he or she can trust with his or her little angel’s health and safety.


Good thing there’s Thermofinder Plus. It’s your newest, trusty, non-contact infrared thermometer developed by HuBDIC, a Korean company that specializes in the development of innovative healthcare products.

It is a QUICK, ACCURATE, and SAFE must-have for every household. In less than 2 seconds, you can accurately and safely get your baby’s body temperature. It allows you to check your baby’s body temperature without him or her feeling even the slightest discomfort. Simply aim at the temple area or behind the earlobe.

When your little angel is sick, you try your best to lessen any uneasiness. You can trust Thermofinder Plus to help you every step of the way. Simply switch off its sounds to avoid waking your baby in the middle of his or her sleep, and with its fever guidance backlit display, you can easily read the temperature even at night or in low light. Plus, it can record 32 measurements to help you keep track of your baby’s temperature.

Not only does it get body temperature, but it can also accurately measure room, bathing water, and nursing bottle temperatures!

Thermofinder Plus is indeed every parent’s quick, accurate, and safe buddy in taking care of their cute and charming babies.

With THERMOFINDER PLUS, parents have one less worry!

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