Summer may be over, but that does not mean we can’t enjoy the sun anymore. Despite the intense rains we experience from time to time, the weather has still been hot, which makes us wish we were at another beach trip. All the fun things we did under the scorching hot sun are still fresh in our minds! Don’t worry; you’re not alone—we’re also guilty of again posting our favorite photos from summer where we’re looking crisp and fresh!

Let’s take a look back at our favorite Instagram influencers’ coolest adventures last season and see how they managed to #KeepACoolHead despite the crazy heat.

Beauty Youtuber, Michelle Dy mixed work and leisure when she explored the wonders of Puerto Princesa in Palawan with her friends. The heat was damaging to her hair and skin, but she managed to handle it well. She shared, “The heat of the sun was my main problem during summer vacations because I was sweating non-stop, and we all know that this causes your scalp to be oily and itchy. But, that didn’t let me down since I never fail to bring my Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh with me to always keep a cool head and stay 100% dandruff and itch-free.”

Volleyball athlete, Kianna Dy spent her summer outside the Philippines. She visited theme parks in California and Seoul, where her hair was under direct sun for long hours. That didn’t stop her from being carefree, though. Why? She explained, “The lines in the theme parks were long, and we had to stay in line under the sun for hours. Good thing I used my Head & Shoulders summer variants which helped me keep a cool head under the intense heat.”

#KeepACoolHead Throughout Summer
#KeepACoolHead Throughout Summer

Meanwhile, the twins, An Estrada and En Estrada flew to Los Angeles to attend Coachella. It was an amazing experience for them to immerse in music and arts but also a challenge to keep themselves and their hair hydrated. En even said that “I make sure I stay hydrated in the desert with my water tumbler. Also, the new Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh kept my hair fresh all day!” An also mentioned how they checked out different local surf spots almost every weekend. She shared that, “The salty ocean can leave your strands feeling parched. I leave my Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner in for about three minutes pre-surf and post surf (like SPF for the hair!) Then just let it air dry.”

Vlogger, Haley Dasovich agrees to this. For a globetrotter who’s always on a trip during summer, Haley has been in many places, but the way she takes care of her hair never changes. Her personal pick?

During summertime, Haley loves to travel where rivers and lakes are found. She’s been to destinations where the weather is humid as well as countries where the air is dry and arid. In times like these she makes sure that before and after a long hot day, she showers with her favorite summer variant, Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh, to keep her scalp and hair protected from itch and dandruff. Haley shared, “I love the way the fresh, fruity scent lingers in my hair. It’s so refreshing, like my spa treatment. Coupled with the Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner, I felt refreshed and super clean after a long day in the sun. I’ve got the entire #DasoFam using it!”

Go ahead and experience the coolness for yourself! You can enjoy the refreshing citrus blast in every wash with Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh or a sweet-smelling treat from Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh. Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol cleanses the scalp and hair deeply with an icy, fresh feel.

Each 170ML is priced at PHP125.00, and they are still available at major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide, as well as on e-commerce.

Summer or not, you can also #KeepACoolHead like these local online personalities. Use the Head & Shoulders summer variants to keep your scalp and hair healthy and 100% dandruff and itch-free. Each option contains a Tri-Action Scalp Care Formula that cleanses, protects, and moisturizes your scalp so that you can stay cool and fresh even under intense heat all day.

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