If you are planning to take up motorcycle riding for the first time, picking the right motorcycle helmet can be overwhelming for you as there are many types of motorcycle helmets available in the market. When it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are six types of motorcycle helmets.

  • Full face helmet
  • Flip up or modular helmet
  • Open face helmet
  • Half helmet
  • Off-road helmet
  • Dual sport helmet

Out of the six types of helmets, the safest and most recommended helmet is the full face helmet. A full face helmet covers the top, back, and front of the motorcyclist’s head. A full helmet has a chin bar and the eye port. The chin bar and eye port are designed to suit the sitting position of the rider. The ventilation ducts are placed near the top of the head to draw in air. The full face helmets are designed in such a way as to prevent the helmet from being lifted off when riding at high speeds.

When choosing a full face helmet, you should look for one that is well ventilated and with a removable padding that can be machine washed. No one like to wear a sealed bubble in a warm weather or a smelly helmet. The full face helmet should be equipped with a built-in breath box to direct your exhalations away from the visor.  There are some full-face helmets that are equipped with the “pin lock” system that has a second lens behind the regular face shield, creating a double paned barrier that prevents fogging.

Choosing the safest and high quality motorcycle jacket
Choosing the safest and high quality motorcycle jacket

A full-face helmet helps to keep out any insect that might hit your face while you are riding your motorcycle. It also helps to keep out the sun, the rain, etc. Looking for a helmet to fit your head snugly has to depend on choosing the size of the helmet to fit your head size. Some riders have larger head size than the normal size and they will have to look for extra large motorcycle helmets.

Choosing the safest and high quality motorcycle jacket
Choosing the safest and high quality motorcycle jacket

Since extra large motorcycle helmets are considered one of the odd sizes, these will usually be offered as discount motorcycle helmets before the arrival of the new batch of helmets. So those with larger than normal head size can take the opportunity to buy some good quality helmets at reasonably cheap prices.

These days, women motorcycle riders are better off because there are more variety of women’s motorcycle helmets to choose from. When it comes to choosing high-quality helmets equipped with all the safety features, women can also choose helmets for its designs and looks according to her needs and style.

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