Mikhail Revita, 29, a Computer Analyst dreams of giving back to his mother by treating her to her first out-of-the-country trip.

This dream was about to be fulfilled three years ago when the mother and son got their passports ready to travel.  Unfortunately, they came face to face with life’s twists and turns that led Mikhail to focus on other priorities, putting their mother-son vacation on hold.

HSBC brings mother and son #OneStepCloser to seeing the world
HSBC brings mother and son #OneStepCloser to seeing the world

Dreams power everyday life. It creates focus, demands self-improvement, and moves one towards the right direction. Chasing after your dream, no matter how big or small, becomes possible when you are surrounded by the right people and the right tools to turn them into reality. HSBC believes that one step is all it takes to make dreams happen, and it becomes easier with a banking partner who you know will always have your back. It’s never too late to make your dream happen this year. To see how Mikhail got #OneStepCloser to his, visit https://www.facebook.com/HSBCPhilippines.

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