Sauce for an Italian pasta, component for an American hamburger, topping for Mexican Nachos—cheese is one of the most versatile and universally enjoyed foods out there. While it’s great to have a lot of what we love, the many kinds and categories of cheeses can become daunting and may drive you away from tasting unfamiliar but delicious varieties.

Marketplace and Rustan’s Supermarket, a beloved and trusted source for premium products from all over the world, is helping you get the deal on cheeses. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, creating new recipes, or just wanting to explore new flavors, you’re sure to find what you need from its vast selection this month.

Choosing from the finest fromage at Marketplace and Rustan’s Supermarket’s Cheese Festival
Choosing from the finest fromage at Marketplace and Rustan’s Supermarket’s Cheese Festival

The pioneer supermarket is putting the spotlight on fine cheeses at the Fete du Fromage (Festival of Cheese), happening from August 11 to 20. With an assortment of top quality imported cheeses at a discounted price of up to 30% off, this is the perfect time to get to know the selection available to you at your daily needs destination.

When choosing from cheeses that are new to you, it’s a good guide to have a handle on the basic categories: the type of milk (cow, goat, sheep), texture (soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, hard, blue), age, and place of origin. Not all those that are in one category taste the same, but generally, there are notable similarities.

Soft cheeses are creamy and mild. Get Banon Cheese, a soft goat cheese that becomes nuttier as it ages, or the soft cow cheese Langres, which has a strong scent—both at 10% off. Goat cheeses, such as the discounted Coeur du Berry, are light and fresh; while sheep’s cheeses are rich and nutty. The sheep cheese Kefalograviera, also at 10% off, may sound intimidating but its flavor is pleasantly salty and smooth.

Fresh cheeses are mostly added into recipes instead of eaten on their own. Mozzarella di Bufala, one of the supermarket’s best seller which is at 30% off, is a kind of fresh cheese. Blue cheeses, which people expect to be very pungent and strong, have varying tastes, including smoky and even chocolatey. The Bresse Bleu, which is on a 10% off deal, is soft with edible rind and has the aroma of mushrooms. The more popular Gorgonzola is sharp and spicy, perfect to mix into pasta if you just want a hint of that strong blue cheese flavor.

Then there are some cheeses that are flavored with other things, often fruits or herbs. The Le Regal de Bourgogne has a variety coated with raisins, while the Pecorino with Truffle is infused with the intense mushroom’s flavor. Both kinds of cheese come at a 10% discount.

Because there are so many kinds out there, your best bet is still to experiment and try different kinds to find ones you like and to expand your tastes. You’ll be able to point out the flavors that you enjoy and have a reference for the seller who’s helping you choose.

Visit the 10-day Cheese Festival at a Rustan’s Supermarket or Marketplace by Rustan’s near you, and choose from their wide selection of premium offerings at a discount. 

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