There are many ways to express love – especially this month of hearts. Couples go on romantic dates. Friends hang out till dawn.  And families find time to reconnect while sharing a delicious feast. As sweet and as precious these gestures may be, there is one other thing you can do for your beloved – helping them stay healthy.

Giving the gift of good health is a great expression of love. And taking your loved ones on the journey to better health is a sign of commitment. It shows that you want more out of life and that you want to take that path of wellness with them. It takes discipline and encouragement to complete this journey, though. You should be there for each other so that you stick to the healthier path of life together.

An excellent way to get started is creating an exercise plan with a fitness coach. Make sure to craft one that’s just right for your current schedule and fitness level.  This will help you get the maximum benefits with the least strain on your body. To support this, you also need the help of your family doctor or nutritionist to come up with a varied and sustainable meal plan that’s fit for your lifestyle. But as a basic rule, you must eat less of processed food while making sure you have enough fresh, natural sources of sustenance in every meal.

The Gift of Love is Good Health


But beyond shifting lifestyles, we always need a backup plan. That’s why it’s always smart to maintain a medical insurance plan on top of PhilHealth. These cover emergency check-up and hospitalization costs. But how about costs for medicines and food supplements that you might need? It’s a good thing that Generika Drugstore, a great Filipino company with an enduring social purpose to bridge the healthcare gap in the country, has as an electronic gift certificate (EGC) called MEDPadala. These EGCs do not expire, and can be used to buy any medicine or food supplement in any Generika Drugstore outlet. They’re a great way to set aside a budget for your loved one’s healthcare needs, ensuring that they will only be spent on medicines and other health-related necessities. And you know what’s great? They don’t have to use it in one go! Your loved one can use their EGC until they’ve consumed the entire amount.

Buying a MEDPadala EGC is quick and easy. All you have to do is visit a Generika Drugstore branch near you! Once an EGC has been purchased, you get a unique code and 4-digit PIN. To use an EGC, you just have to show the unique code to a Generika Drugstore personnel along with a valid ID. The 4-digit PIN will be inputted on a secure panel and must never be shared with anyone else. Purchases made through the EGC can be tracked on the MEDPadala website.

You can also buy an EGC online. Just visit and buy the EGC amount you need.

Since the MEDPadala EGC is just a unique code and 4-digit PIN, you can share that with your loved one via email or even SMS. It’s that easy to make your gift of good health complete – buying a MEDPadala EGC to make sure your loved one has enough budget for healthcare anytime they need it the most.

Among the sweetest gifts of love is giving your beloved the means to achieve better health. It’s about changing lifestyles and having a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of your loved one’s well-being. Through dedication, a close partnership with your healthcare providers, and with public-service oriented companies like Generika Drugstore – a more fulfilling life through better health is within your reach. To learn more about Generika Drugstore or MEDPadala, simply visit or subscribe to their official Facebook page at

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