Hearty conversations over good food are the best way to catch up and spend some much-needed quality time with loved ones. But apart from simply eating together, it’s also a lot of fun to bond by working together in the kitchen.

Maya, the homegrown brand that pioneered the country’s baking mixes, believes there is magic in baking together as a family. The kitchen can be a place where families get to create special memories through making delicious goodies.

Bake Magic Together with the family at the Maya Kitchen


It’s fun to get both parents and kids involved in the process of making tasty treats. Learning together is what makes it extraordinary, and that is what you experience at Maya Kitchen’s exclusive private family baking session called Bake Magic Together. Professional pastry chef, Carla Asence, more popularly known as Carla Cusinera, leads the class and shares her own experiences about baking with her family.

She runs a baking business in the comforts of her own home with her husband and kids whom she fondly calls her support team. The tasks of her support group include preparing tools and ingredients, taste testing and clean-up. As a mom herself, Carla knows that baking can bring the family closer together. It’s also an engaging way to help kids cultivate skills in reading, math, and science; and practical lessons like kitchen safety and hygiene.

Bake Magic Together with the family at the Maya Kitchen

In this session, Carla takes parents and their children through steps on how to make Cranberry Heart Shape Maya Whole Wheat Carrot Cupcake, Red Velvet Brownies, and Red Velvet Crepe Cake.  Her sense of humor and practical tips makes the baking process light and instructions easier to follow. And with the Maya mixes and easy-to-do recipes, participating families find it simple and enjoyable to prepare all three items on the session’s menu.

The Maya Kitchen encourages families to bake at home and create new learning experiences. Its recently published cookbook carries the title, Bake Magic Together, and contains 40 recipes the whole family can make including those featured in the baking session.

These recipes are even marked by a level of difficulty to suit kids of all ages. You can find Bake Magic Together in National Bookstore and Powerbooks or online at www.anvilpublishing.com.

You can also make new traditions with the whole family or encourage the young ones to take up baking as a hobby by signing up for Maya courses like its favorite Basic Baking class.

To learn more, check out the Maya Kitchen website www.themayakitchen.com, like Maya Kitchen on Facebook, and follow @Mayakitchen on Instagram and @TheMayaKitchen on Twitter.

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