Global imaging and electronics leader RICOH continuously seeks to improve business productivity and cost-efficiency with its innovative technologies.   These revolutions simplify the most demanding day-to-day processes from printing and photocopying of documents and visuals to conducting presentations and meetings with counterparts from around the world online.

Revolutionizing ways of doing things through more creative and time-saving solutions is the underlying principle behind the company’s “Workstyle Innovation Technology,” according to RICOH Philippines president and CEO Eric Sulit.

RICOH’s multi-function printers (MFP) boast efficiency features guided by the company’s “Workstyle Innovation Technology”

“As markets become more competitive, industries are even more so geared towards cost efficiency and productive workflows. RICOH continuously streamlines technology and processes to help companies meet the needs of these changing times,” adds Sulit.

RICOH brings its line of printers and photocopiers, projectors, and video conferencing devices more efficiently to users through a series of exclusive, hands-on pocket sessions targeting various industries, the most recent of which was at the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) area in Laguna where manufacturing companies abound.

RICOH recently held a pocket session showcasing its products to manufacturing companies located in the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) area in Laguna

Improved and simplified processes are vital for manufacturing companies as they accelerated production in more cost-effective yet high-quality ways, according to Sulit.

Print, scan, and manage easier

RICOH’s multi-function printers (MFP)- such as its latest models MP C2004SP and MP C4504SP- can convert a scanned page to text or PDF.  It can also print on a wider variety of papers to produce business cards, brochures, flyers and banners up to 320mm by 1260mm or more than four feet long.

RICOH MFPs can also automatically bind up to five printed pages without the need for staple wire.  This makes the preparation of documents faster. Moreover, an inbuilt human detector sensor wakes up the machine from sleep mode as soon as a user is nearby—its 0.5 second switch-on time is the fastest in its class.

More interactive visual presentations

RICOH’s Interactive White Board—a more sophisticated version of the pen-and-eraser writing board—allows multiple conference participants to make annotations on a projected image or content remotely and at the same time. It can also save, e-mail or print what is written on the board.

In addition, RICOH’s Unified Communication System (UCS) P3500 and P3500M make video conference meetings more effective.  These portable devices have high video quality and are simple to use.  Using the internet, laptops can share data anywhere and in rea time.  Mobile phones can also be connected and linked to up t0 20 sites during a meeting.  All these features are available without expensive video conferencing hardware.

RICOH’s products are showcased at its main office in Makati (telephone no. 865 9500) and branches located in Laguna (045 502 7243), and Cebu (032 256 4559).  For more informatyion, visit

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