From the ashes of its dirt-laden image, Ozamiz City rises loud and proud with its latest crusade to crush bad elements in its territory.  Dubbed “Alsa Ozamiz,” an estimated 30,000 Ozamiznons marched to Cotta and showed support to this movement.  It aims to shrug off all harmful elements that have been corrupting the once stellar status of the city.  This is after an intense public outcry to cleanse the city and eliminate all the filthy stigma that has been since associated to Ozamiz City.

Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog, Sr. led more than 30,000 Ozamiznons on their rally against “everything illegal” within the city.

Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog, Sr. described Alsa Ozamiz “bearing the same ideals of his grandfather’s first and original Alsa Ozamiz movement back in the 50s.” It was the aim of the campaign to fight all the negative elements in the Ozamiznon society.  To name a few of these irregularities are illegal gambling, illegal fishing, and illegal drugs.


A press conference was held prior the rally to Cotta, an important structure within the city.  The city’s father-daughter tandem, Mayor Parojinog, Sr. and Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog,  vented out their sentiments about the latest accusations against them.

Vice Mayor Parojinog cried foul on his critics’ claim that the city’s drugs situation is “rampant.”  The lady Vice Mayor said all these allegations are unfair. She attested to the many drugs initiatives her office had implemented long before President Rodrigo Duterte came into power.

“Dito sa Ozamiz City nuon pa man matagal na kaming nakipag-gyera sa ilegal na droga,” said Mayor Parojinog, Sr.

On the press meeting, the city mayor presented a thick book of the anti-drugs operations report that took place since 2013.  His Vice Mayor noted that the book contains all the reports on the drug raids, drugs suspects arrests, and illegal drugs confiscations undertaken by the city hall with the PNP since 2013.

The Mayor stressed that they are serious about the Alza Ozamiz campaign.  “Taga-rito kami sa Ozamiz tapos sisirain namin ang lugar namin?  We only aim to clean our city and revive its once stellar status”.

Mayor Parojinog, Sr. revealed he had a meeting with the President.  He dismissed allegations involving his name  on the operation of drugs within the city.  “Mas lalo kaming maninindigan sa aming laban sa droga bilang suporta sa Pangulong Duterte na handang itaya ang buhay para sa bayan,” stated Mayor Parojinog, Sr. in front of the media team.


The city mayor revealed as well that Alsa Ozamiz is a joint effort of the PNP and the city hall. In fact, during the Alsa Ozamiz gathering that night at the Cotta, although not present, the new city police chief had a long VTR message for all Ozamiznons that affirms his support for this anti-drugs initiative by the Ozamiz City local government.




With illegal drugs on top of the list, the leading city officials stated that they have standby programs to support the city’s anti-drugs campaign. This includes the proposed private partnership with rehabilitation centers.  It was also during the Alsa Ozamiz movement in Cotta where about 560 videokarera machine were crushed right in front of the city hall grounds. These videokarera and fruit game machines are allegedly being used habitually by drug addicts as a fond pastime most notably when they are high on drugs.

With Alsa Ozamiz and the dedication of both the Ozamiznons and its local government, it is possible that the city will again enjoy its once stellar status as a clean city free from any illegal activities.


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